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Graphic /Technical

Knives & Cutters


Swann Morton Scalpel Blades & Handles


Swann Morton Handles

Available in long or short. Please see blade list to see which handle is compatible with which blade. 
Short Handles | No. 3, 4single5.25
Short Handles | No. 7, single10.75
Short Handles | No. 9 Single7.50
Long Handles | No. 3L, 4Lsingle12.40

Swann Morton Blades

Made from high quality Sheffield carbon steel, these surgical blades are recommended for graphics and craft uses. 
Small Blades | No. 10, 10a, 11, 12, 15 (for use with handles No. 3, 3L, 7)Pack of 51.00
Large Blades | No. 21, 22, 22a, 23, 25, 26, 27 (for use with Handles No. 4, 4L)Pack of 51.00

Swann Morton Graphic Art Kit

Consisting of No.3 handle with 5 x 10a blades.7.85

Swann Morton Retractaway

Retractable handle with 2 x 10a blades.12.85

Swann Morton Trimaway Knife

Disposable knife with red plastic handle and a 25a blade.0.90

Stanley Trimming Knives

Die-cast handle. Supplied with four heavy duty blades and one hooked blade. 

Standard Trimming Knife with Fixed Blade


Retractable Trimming Knife


Replacement Blades

Pack of 53.15

Utility Knives


Ecobra Utility Knife

Retractable knives with snap off blades. Available in two sizes. 
Small Knife 1.15
Small Replacement Blades pack of 123.90
Large Knife 2.30
Large Replacement Blades pack of 103.50

Jakar Cutting Set

Consisting of small retractable cutting knife with snap off blades, 20cm stainless steel cutting edge acrylic rule and 80 x 225mm cutting mat.5.50

Knives for Curved Lines


Olfa Rotary Cutter RT 1/G 28

For cutting straight lines and freehand curves. Replacement blades available. 
Cutter 15.35

Olfa Circle Cutter CMP-1

Cuts precise circles from 1cm to 15cm (0.4" to 5.9") diameter.
Special rubber pad for preventing a pin hole.

Green Cutting Mats

Double sided with grid on one side for lining up artwork. The cutting mat has a semi-hard rubber like surface which allows the cutter to bite into it, yet the cut will heal. Therefore the blade cannot be deflected in the direction of the previous cut. 
A4 320 x 220 x 3mm5.75
A3 450 x 300 x 3mm10.50
A2 620 x 450 x 3mm20.00
A1 900 x 620 x 3mm38.00

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