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Graphic /Technical

Templates/Drawing Aids




Unique Flexicurves

Designed to produce regular or irregular curves. Made of a PVC outer casing, with a core of lead, with regulating strips of steel, bevelled edges for pencil work. Forms curves as small as 25mm. Blue and white 
Various lenghths30cm/126.00

French Curves


Tech Sales DIGI Set French Curves

Three curves 13cm, 16cm, 31cm with bevelled edges6.15

Faber Castell French Curves

Set of three for drawing irregular curves, double ink bevels. Transparent, green tinted plastic.17.50

Circle & Ellipse Templates


Tech Sales Circle Templates

Economy templates, tinted yellow plastic material 

Linex Templates

Linex produce an an extensive range of professional templates. The templates listed are from our stock at Green and Stone (subject to change). However all Linex templates are available to order through us. Please contact us if you require further information. Tel: 0044 (0)20 7352 0837 or 

Linex 1263S Furniture Template

Contains symbols for furniture and groups of furniture for the areas livingroom, diningroom, bedroom/childrens room, kitchen and bathroom as well as electrical symbols.

Linex 1259S Universal Architect Template

With ink bosses. For pen 0.35mm and pencil 0.5mm. Scale 1:50

Contains symbols for furniture and groups of furniture for the areas living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom as well as electrical symbols for common use. 1mm green transparent SBS
235 x 160mm7.50

Lettering Stencils

Listed below are lettering stencils made from plastic material particularly suited to graphic projects. We also have some larger lettering stencils, made from mylar and manilla card, which are designed with craft projects in mind. These are subject to availabilty so please contact us to check stock. 

Linex Italic Lettering Stencil (8820)

Green plastic material with ink risers. Letter height 20mm. Upper and lower case.2.55

Jakar Lettering Stencils

A pack of four alpha-numeric different colour stencils, shatterproof plastic, 5, 10, 20 and 30mm in size.2.20

Figure Templates


Jakar Human Figure

Metric Template. Ideal for use in Architectural and Interior design layouts. Each template has four different figures in four different scales; 1:75, 1:100, 1:125, 1:25, 1:20. Available in Male or Female. 0.4445mm pencil allowance on all openings. Overall template size: 212mm x 148mm. 
malet.jpgMale 4645 9.85
femmt.jpgFemale 4648 9.85

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