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Graphic /Technical



Ecobra Master Bow Compasses

Ecobra Instruments have been manufactured in Nuremburg West Germany for many decades and are firmly established world wide as the finest and largest range of precision drawing instruments available today.

The Master Bow features an unbreakable hoop spring and a centre screw spindle with and stops; free from play

Master-Bow Pencil (3741)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm.Centre wheel for fine adjustment. Working range 250mm

Master-Bow Pencil with Lengthening Bar (3728)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm. Working range 500mm

Universal Master Bow (60500)

Has an adaptor that will hold markers, technical pens and a swann-morton No. 3 handle to cut circles. Working range 210mm

Ecobra Duo-Tec Giant Bows

Well constructed giant bow with a long life at a very reasonable price. 

Duo Tec Quick Release (421500)

With knee joints

Duo Tec Quick Release with Lengthening Bar (421510

As above with extension bar

Ecobra 'K' Series

The 'College' series, these instruments are of modern design and sound construction at economical prices. The large compasses each incorporate two asymmetrical knee joints and precision geared self centering legs. The spigot diameters are 3.5mm (All compasses come as a pencil compass with pen adaptor 3566 available to buy - Please see Compass Adaptors) 

Pencil Compass (5130)

Length 140mm with knee joint. Working range 400mm

Springbow Pencil (5148)

Small Pencil Compass

Plain Divider (5156)

For measuring etc. Length 152mm. Opening range 230mm15.40

Ecobra Compass Adaptors

To attach to Ecobra compasses (especially pencil compasses) to allow them to take technical pens etc.adaptors.jpg

3.5mm Technical Pen Adaptor (3566)

For use with 'K' series compass 51305.20

4.0mm Technical Pen Adaptor (6466)

For use with Master Bow compass 3741 and 37285.70

Universal Compass Adaptor (3723)


Beam Compasses


Ecobra Beam Compass (3836-0)

Beam 50cm. working range 980mm. complete with pencil, pen and needle. Holding section. Beams are now graduated in cm and inches.

Economy Compasses


Jakar Drawing Set (1048)

Self centering geared head compass with knee joint, swivel shoulder needle unit and pencil attachment. Lengthening bar 92mm long, sidescrew pencil spring bow. Pen adaptor. Lead container with two leads

Jakar Safety Compass

Basic die cast compass with plastic pencil grip. Supplied with half length black lead pencil2.50

Proportional Dividers


Ecobra Proportional Dividers (3891)

Length 170mm. Light alloy metal with steel tips. Scales: Lines, circles and golden rule190.00

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