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Pencils & Drawing Ancillaries

Drawing Pencils

A selection of charcoal, carbon and chalk pencils in natural tones.PEDPGB.jpg

Lyra Rembrandt


Lyra Rembrandt Red Chalk Pencil

Red brown, grease, for portraits.

Lyra Rembrandt Black Chalk Pencil

Grease free1.40

Lyra Rembrandt Carbon Pencil

Very light-resistant.
Grades: Soft, Medium, Hard.1.40

Lyra Rembrandt Sepia Pencil

For capturing atmosphere, for nude studies and landscapes. Grease free.
Colours: light brown, dark brown1.40

Lyra Rembrandt White Chalk Pencil

Grease free. Useful for working on tinted or black paper and to lighten red chalk drawings.
Grades: soft, medium1.40

Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Pencil

Grease free. Fixing is essential. 
Grades: soft, medium, hard1.40

Lyra Rembrandt Charcoal Pencil (greasy)

Grades: 1 - 51.40

Prang Charcoal


Prang Charcoal Pencil

Pure charcoal pencil for sketching and drawing. Paper wrapped for clean working.
Grades: medium, soft, extra soft.1.20

Conte Pencils


Conte Pierre Noire

Filtered paste pigment guarantees deep, solid and indelible matt blacks every time.
Grades: H, HB, B, 2B, 3B1.50

Conte Carbon Pencil

For finer, more defined lines ideal for detailed sketching and technical drawing.
Grades: 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B1.50

Conte Charcoal Pencil

All the traditional qualities of charcoal combined with high resistance to splintering.
Grades: H, HB, B, 2B1.50

Conte Traditional Drawing Pencil

Available in three colours; Sanguine, Sepia or White
Colours: sepia, sanquine, white1.50

Derwent Pencils


Derwent Drawing Pencil

Extra wide waxy strip in a range of earth colours. Selection of colours available: Brown Ochre, Venetian Red, Terracotta, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Chinese White.
Colours: brown ochre, venetian red, terracotta, chocolate, ivory black, chinese white

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