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Pencils & Drawing Ancillaries

Coloured Pencils


Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Artists Pencil

Water resistant. For artists, graphic artists, designers & architects. Can be used for fine lines, brilliantly coloured areas & delicate merges. 

Available in 72 colours

white, cream, zinc yellow, lemon cadmium, light chrome, lemon, canary yellow, orange yellow, light orange, dark orange, vermillion, scarlet lake, pale geranium lake, rose carmine, dark carmine, rose madder lake, dark flesh, medium flesh, light flesh, wine red, magenta, red violet, dark violet, blue violet, violet, light violet, delft blue, deep cobalt, light cobalt, sky blue, true blue, oriental blue, paris blue, ultramarine, peacock blue, aquamarine, night green, sea green, hookers green, viridian, true green, emerald green, juniper green, sap green, moss green, apple green, light green, grey green, olive green, cedar green, dark sepia, Vandyke brown, raw umber, brown ochre, gold ochre, ochre, light ochre, burnt ochre, cinnamon, venetian red, pompeian red, Indian red, burnt carmine, purple, light grey, silver grey, medium grey, dark grey, black
Tin of 1218.00
Tin of 2436.00
Tin of 3654.00
Tin of 72108.00
Tin of 12 greys18.00

Lyra Colour Giants

Artist quality giant coloured pencil. Water-resistant. 

34 Colours

white, light yellow, yellow, orange, red, crimson, purple, lilac, dark blue, blue, pastel blue, turquoise, pastel green, emerald green, green, gold, flesh-tone, pink, sienna, brown, silver, grey & black. NEON COLOURS: luminous red, yellow, green, blue, orange & pink. METALLIC COLOURS: metallic brown, yellow, green, lilac.

Tin of 18 Colour Giants

Assorted bright colours in a colourful tin. Lacquered pencils.27.00

Skin Tones Set

Set of 12 skin tones in a plastic wallet

Lyra Ferby Coloured Pencils

Chunky coloured pencil, length 12cm, 10cm diameter, triangular shape. wood sealed end. Highly pigmented, extra thick, break resistant lead. Lead diameter 6.25mm.Particularly suitable for younger artists and left-handers.

Lyra Ferby Nature

Ferby unlaquered.  
single pencil0.87
Set of 67.50
Set of 1215.00

Lyra Ferby Lacquered

Set of 18 Tub of 1815.75
Set of 36 | DISCONTINUEDTub of 36 

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils

Fine quality watersoluble coloured pencils. 

Available in 120 colours

Soft Black, White, Cream, Ivory, Light Yellow Glaze, Light Cadmium Yellow, Light Chrome Yellow, Cadmium Yellow, Dark Cadmium Yellow, Dark Chrome Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Cadmium Orange, Leaf Green, Orange Glaze, Dark Cadmium Orange, Light Cadmium Red, Scarlet Red, Light Magenta, Ultramarine, Pale Geranium Lake, Fuchsia, Rose Carmine, Middle Purple Pink, Permanent Carmine, Pink Carmine, Light Purple Pink, Pink Madder Lake, Dark Flesh, Medium Flesh, Light Flesh, Magenta, Crimson, Light Red-Violet, Purple Violet, BLue Violet, Violet, Light Violet, Light Ultramarine, Delft Blue, Madder, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Blue-Greenish, Light Phthalo Blue, Smalt Blue, Light Blue, Bluish Turquoise, Helio Blue Reddish, Middle Phthalo Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Light Cobalt Turquoise, Helio Turquoise, Cobalt Green, Dark Indigo, Deep Cobalt Green, Hooker's Green, Manganese Violet, Phthalo Green, Light Phthalo Green, Emerald Green, Juniper Green, Grass Green, Permanent Green Olive, Earth Green Yellowish, Caput Mortum, May Green, Light Green, Earth Green, Olive Green Yellowish, Chrome Green Opaque, Dark Sepia, Van Dyck Brown, Walnut Brown, Nougat, Bistre, Raw Umber, Payne's Grey, Brown Ochre, Light Yellow Ochre, Dark Naples Ochre, Naples Yellow, Terracotta, Burnt Ochre, Sanguine, Cinnamon, Venetian Red, Pompeian Red, Indian Red, Burnt Carmine, Red-Violet, Black, Cad. Yellow Lemon, Middle Cadmium Red, Deep Scarlet Red, Deep Red, Dark Red, Alizarin Crimson, Cold Grey I, Cold Grey II, Cold Grey III, Cold Grey IV, Cold Grey V, Cold Grey VI, Prussian Blue, Indianthrene Blue, Mauve, Gold, Silver, Copper, Caput Mortum Violet, Dark Phthalo Green, Permanent Green, Pine Green, Green Gold, Warm Grey I, Warm Grey II, Warm Grey III, Warm Grey IV, Warm Grey V, Warm Grey VI, Chrome Oxide Green Fiery, Chrome Oxide Green, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna
Tin of 1224.50
Tin of 2447.95
Tin of 3672.50
Tin of 60123.50
Tin of 120299.95

Caran D'Ache Luminance 6901

Professional permanent colour pencils. 
Available singly and in tins
single pencil3.50
lumitin.jpg Tin of 16 Assorted Colours52.50
Tin of 38119.99

Caran D'Ache Fancolor Pencils


Caran D'Ache Fancolor Coloured Pencil Sets

Very good student quality pencil, soft, watersolouble leads. Available in tins only. 
Tin of 1216.45
Tin of 1824.85
Tin of 3041.85
Tin of 4057.20

Swan Stabilo 'Woody' 3 in 1 pencil

Extra thick versatile pencil a crayon, pastel & watercolour in one. Replaces Stabilo 'Stabilotone' which has been discontinued.341.jpg

Available in 18 colours

White, yellow, orange, red, pink, flesh pink, lilac, violet, ultramarine blue, blue, cyan blue, turquoise, dark green, light green, burnt umber, black, silver, goldsingle1.40
Includes sharpener and brushset of 1829.95

Swan Stabilo - Carb Othello Pastel Pencil

Artists quality. Water-soluble pastel pencil 

Available in 80 colours

. titanium white, ivory, grey white, lemon yellow, middle lemon, neutral yellow, orange yellow, indian yellow, orange, middle orange, orange red, vermilion, red tone, carmine red, middle carmine red,deep carmine red,purple, magenta, light violet, deep violet, prussian blue, parisian blue, ultramarine blue,cobalt blue, middle ultramarine blue, light ultramarine blue, sky blue, cyan blue, sky blue green, turquoise blue, light viridian,permanent green, emerald green, light permanent green, light emerald green, pale leaf green, light leaf green, light olive green, olive green, matt viridian, deep leaf green, verona earth green, light verona earth green, earth green, deep umber green, raw umber, dark ochre, burnt ochre, burnt umber, bistre, caput mortuum violet, middle caput motuum violet, light caput mortuum violet, caput mortuum red, middle caput mortuum red, deep English red, middle english red, burnt sienna, french red ochre, dark flesh tint, light flesh tint, sienna, golden ochre, light golden ochre,naples yellow, grey 1, grey 2, grey 3, warm grey 4, warm grey 5, cold grey 1, cold grey 2, cold grey 3, cold grey 4, cold grey 5, neutal black, lamp black, paynes grey.
Tin of 1218.85
Tin of 2437.40
Tin of 3656.60
Tin of 4875.35
Tin of 6094.20
Wooden Box of 60124.15

China Markers


Swan Stabilo Aquarellable All Pencil

For paper, glass, plastic & metal. Water-soluble. Available in graphite and selection of colours1.25

Dixon China Marker

Marks on film, plastics, china & glass
Colours: black, red, crimson red, purple, green, blue, orange, yellow, white1.00



Solid Gold & Silver Pencils

Available in either gold or silver2.70

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