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Pencils & Drawing Ancillaries

Erasers, Cleaners and Blenders


Putty Erasers


Rowney Kneadable Putty Eraser

Now available in SOFT or HARD 

Faber Castell Putty Eraser

Soft grey kneadable eraser.1.65

Lyra Putty Eraser

Small soft grey kneadable eraser in a plastic box.1.10

Stabilo Kneaded Rubber 1183

Soft white kneadable eraser2.00

Plastic Erasers


Steadtler Mars Plastic

Block shaped removes graphite from paper, tracing and drafting film1.00

Faber Castell Vinyl Eraser 7081N

Block shaped0.90

Steadtler Mars Plastic Holder and Core

Eraser holder with adjustable core. Sliding mechanism. Removes graphite from paper and film. 
Holder & Core1.40
Refill Core0.65

Maped Gom-stick Retractable Eraser

Plastic eraser in plastic case, to erase fine lines and details. Refillable. 
Holder & Eraser2.80
2 Refills1.75

Rotring Rapid Eraser TB20

Block shaped, combined ink/pencil plastic eraser for tracing paper & drafting film2.05

Other Erasers


Faber Castell Art Gum

Non-abrasive eraser and dry cleaner1.35

Faber Castell Fibre Glass Eraser

Plastic holder with abrasive fibre glass eraser
Holder & Eraser7.60

Faber Castell Perfection Eraser Pencils

For black lead & colour (pink eraser)1.40
Type eraser with brush (hard white eraser)1.40
Type eraser, single ended (hard white eraser)1.40

Erasing Shield


Winsor & Newton Griffin Eraser

Green coloured2.25

Soap Shaped Eraser

Traditional, large soft eraser2.15

Lyra Double Ended Eraser 3443/40

Traditional red and blue rubber. One end for pencil the other for ink0.30

Architecte Eraser

White eraser in a plastic case.0.70

Mono Zero Eraser

Compact precision eraser for professional use.
Short turning mechanism and metal guide plus two differently formed tips.
Refillable round in 2.3mm diameter and rectangular in 2.5 & 5mm.
Refill Erasers 2.85

Pentel Clic Eraser

Eraser 2.85
Eraser Refills 2.25

Daler Rowney Mystic Rubber

Traditional green pencil eraser. Available in three sizes

Jakar Battery Operated Eraser Pen

Assorted translucent colours. Supplied with 5 spare erasers, refills avaialable. Battery not supplied
Refills Pack of 301.10

Factis Soft Rub

Extra soft gum for artists
5.4cm x 3.5cm1.50

Faber-Castell Eraser Caps

Pack of 21.35

Koh-I-Noor Extra Hard Eraser

Extra hard/abrasive eraser for pencil, pastel and pen. blue in colour. 1.4 x 8cm0.60



Lyra Rembrandt Splender Blender

Colourless drawing pencil, which is used with pencils to create a blended glossy surface1.30

Zest-it Pencil Blend Pot

with sponge4.70

Zest-it Pencil Blend Bottle


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