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Pens & Inks


Reed Pens


Haxworth Standard Reed Pens

Handmade reed pens for calligraphy and drawing. Because of the handmade nature of the pens measurements listed are a rough guide only. 
Art size 1 1.5mm5.35
Fine size 2 2mm5.35
Medium size 3 3mm5.35
Broad size 4 4mm5.35
Reservoir for standard pen | Brass2.00

Arundo Donax Large Reed Pen

Handmade from Arundo Donax. The reed itself is wider than that used on the standard reed pen, approximately 1.5cm diameter. Measurements are approximate and a guideline only due to the handmade nature of the pens. 
Fine size 5 3mm8.20
Medium size 6 7.5mm8.20
Broad size 7 9mm8.20

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