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Specialist materials

Adhesives & Sizes




Gelatin capules

A pure form of glue from delicate animal tissue.
Used as a glue and binder.
50 caps10.60

Gelatine - Silver Leaf

10 sheets. A pure form of glue made from animal tissue. Used for sizing paper. Used in gliding and weak sizes in isolating layers in tempera painting.100g6.35

Pearl glue (Scotch glue)

Derived from animal bones & joints.
Used as glue for veneers & joints on antique furniture. Reversible composition.
Solvent : boiling water.

Genuine Rabbit skin

Available in granule or readymade form.
Variety of uses; including size, in gesso, gilding, etc.
Granules 250g7.10
Granules 500g9.90
Granules 1kg14.30

Fish Glue (Sennelier)

This natural glue is dissolved in water. Can be used as a glue or glue based paint formula.250ml14.15

Carrageen Moss - Shredded

Commonly used as a thickener and stabaliser in milk products such ads ice cream and processed foods. It may be used as a thickener in calico printing and marbling techniques.250g19.80

Isinglass - Fn Cut S.American

Isinglass is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It can be cooked into a paste for specialized gluing purposes.50g24.00

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