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Gouache/Tempera/Graphic Paints

Egg Tempera Paints


Sennelier Egg Tempera

Sennelier Egg Tempera is an authentic formulation of classic egg tempera as used by artists since the Renaissance. In fact, before the rise of oil painting, egg tempera was the predominant painting medium of the 16th Century. Egg tempera is a semi opaque water soluble and permanent painting medium wonderful for fine art painting, restoration and icon painting. Its archival characteristics are excellent as it does not age or yellow like oil paints. Pigments are bound with a centuries old egg emulsion recipe, giving a satin-matt finish that is water resistant when dry. It is not recommended to use egg tempera in thick applications.

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Series 1

Tubes 21ml8.50

Series 2

Tubes 21ml9.25

Series 3

Tubes 21ml10.25

Series 4

Tubes 21ml11.50

Series 5

Tubes 21ml13.95

Egg Medium

This medium increases the buttery consistency of the paint and quickens the drying process. It should be thinned with water only. The resulting solution is then mixed with colours.Tubes 21ml8.50

Sennelier Egg Tempera Starter Set

5 x 21ml Tubes in a cardboard box45.95

Sennelier Egg Tempera Wooden Box Set

12 x 21ml Tubes, 2 x Brushes, 1 x Medium, 1 x 34ml Titanium White, Acrylic Palette

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