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Block/Lino Printing Ink



Schminke Lino Block Inks - Standard Colours

Waterbased. Colours available: white, light yellow, vermilion, carmine, ultramarine, Prussian blue, light green, dark green, burnt sienna, sepia brown, black.
35ml tubes6.55

Scmincke Lino Block Inks - Metalic Colours

Gold, Silver, Copper.35ml8.15

Adigraf Block Printing Colours

Waterbased. Available in six colours  
Standard colours | Black, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White. 20ml tubes3.60

Ocaldo Block Printing Ink

Waterbased. Black & White only
300ml tubs5.20

Ocaldo Block Printing Ink

Oil based. Colours available: Black, brilliant blue, brilliant green, brilliant red, brilliant yellow, burnt sienna.250ml tins11.75

Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Block Printing Medium

Onh their own Georgian Oil Colours, like other oil painting colours are unsuitable for block printing. However, this medium when correctly blended will allow them to be used. Mix 1.5 parts of Georgain Oil Block Printing Medium with 1 part of Georgian Oil Colour and then print in the normal way. Allow prints to dry overnight before over printing. Longer may be required in cool conditions.225ml tube11.50

Daler Rowney System 3 Block Printing Medium

Waterbased250ml pot11.50

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