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Portable stools & chairs



Herring Economy stool

Lightweight aluminium folding stool with green canvas seat (No bottom bar). Weight approx. 600g.

Please check for availability

18herreco.jpg 18"Height: 46cm33.50

Herring Artist Stool

Lightweight aluminium folding stool with green canvas seat and bottom bar. Two heights.

Please check for availability

16herrart.jpg Bottom bar. Weight 710kgHeight : 40cm35.00
18herrart.jpg With bottom bar.

Please check for availability

Height : 46cm41.00

Herring Artist Stool with back

Please check for availability

16herrbac.jpg Weight 835g, 16"Height : 40cm53.50
18herrbac.jpg 18"

Please check for availabilty

Height: 46cm61.00

Mabef Tripod Stool

Folding stool with three wooden legs and leather seat
Weight : 1kg, Height : 49.5cm, Width : 35cm51.95

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