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Canvas & Paint Supports

Panels and Boards


Cotton Canvas Panels


Winsor & Newton Canvas Boards

For oil and acrylic painting, acrylic primed. A ready primed canvas covered panel with turned edges. Medium grain surface
7" x 5"2.75
10" x 8"3.75
12" x 10"4.50
14" x 10"5.00
16" x 12"6.00
18" x 14"6.75
20" x 16"8.25

Pebeo Canvas Panels

For oil and acrylic painting, acrylic primed. A ready primed canvas covered panel with turned edges. Medium grain surface. These canvas boards are based on French formats which makes them ideal for our Empty Pochard and Oil painting boxes. For boxes please see the Ancillaries section of our website. 
Portrait Fig.1 22 x 16cm1.60
Portrait Fig.2 24 x 19cm1.60
Portrait Fig.3 27 x 22cm2.10
Portrait Fig.4 33 x 24cm2.35
Portrait Fig.5 35 x 27cm3.15
Portrait Fig.6 41 x 33cm4.20
Portrait Fig.8 46 x 38cm6.30

Tech-Style Square Canvas Panels


Claire Fontaine Natural Canvas Boards

Ready t5o paint natural canvas board - 2 layers of universal transparent coating
Suitable for oil or acrylic.
18 x 24cm1.75
24 x 30cm2.80

Loxley Canvas Boards

Please check for availability. 
10" x8"2.10

Canvas Board - MDF

Primed 330gsm cotton laid flat on to MDF 3.2mm thick. The canvas is not wrapped around the edges making the board suitable for cutting to fit particular size frames. The MDF is very rigid so ideal for the larger size boards. 
10 x 10cm0.60
15 x 15cm1.00
20 x 20cm1.45
30 x 40cm4.85
30 x 50cm5.65
40 x 50cm7.10
50 x 60cm10.65
60 x 70cm14.45
60 x 80cm21.65

Linen Panels


Fredrix Archival Canvas Board - Oil Primed Linen

An archival board made with medium grain oil primed linen.  
8" x 10"7.75

Pebeo Natural Linen Canvas Boards

Square format. The smallest size is sold as a pack of 3. 
Set of 3, 10 x 10cm2.10
20 x 20cm2.60
30 x 30cm5.25

Oil primed Boards


Daler Boards

For oil painting, fine surface. Double primed with the unique Daler surface on a substantial backing board
7" x 5"2.00
6" x 8"2.40
10" x 7"2.40
10" x 8"2.60
12" x 10" 2.90
14" x 10"3.35
16" x 12"4.95
18" x 14"6.00
20" x 16"7.25

Ampersand Boards

Museum Series Artist's Boards.
Extraordinary surfaces for your art.

Ampersand Gessobord

The superior quality acrylic gesso ground does not dull colours and the wonderful lightly sanded surface provides exceptional brush control. Made with 1/8" Hardboard, the surface is acid-free, non-yellowing, and archival. Perfect for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media.
5" x 7"3.35
8" x 10"7.80
9" x 12"8.90
11" x 14"11.40
12" x 16"13.70

Ampersand 3D Gessobord

Now available in a 1.5" Cradle Profile that offers more flexibility to artists for hanging and framing their work. Designed to fit both standard canvas and floater frames it can easily be painted or stained to complement the artwork or primed with gesso to wrap the image around the edges. 

Ampersand Claybord

Made using 1/8" hardboard and features Ampersandís kaolin clay ground formula similar in paintability to the clay gesso grounds used during the Renaissance. The surface is an ULTRA-smooth, highly absorbent finish so your paint colours remain true and brilliant. Work the surface by thinly applying paint or ink, then remove it, reapply it, even scratch through it to add contrast, texture and fine details. Claybord is a favourite of both fine and graphic artists. 
8"x 8"5.00
12" x 16"11.10

Ampersand Scratchbord

Smooth white kaolin clay ground evenly coated with black ink.
Seal finished artwork to eliminate fingerprints and to frame without glass.
9" x 12"7.80

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