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Watercolour Sheets


Watercolour papers


Watercolour Paper Sample Pack



100% cotton rag, 4 deckle edges, acid free, very strong & recommended for water colour, gouache, acrylics & inks.

Available in: Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed.

Fabriano Artistico

Acid free, 100% cotton rag, mould made, 2 deckle edges.

Traditional White shade available in all surfaces and weights. New Extra white shade available in selected surfaces and weights.


Saunders Waterford

100% rag cotton, gelatin tub sized, acid free, mould made with 4 deckle edges. Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed. 


Watercolour & drawing cartridge, wood free, acid free, internally sized & trimmed edges. Not (cold pressed) surface only. 56 x 76cm. 

Bockingford Rolls

1.52 x 10m. Special order only. 

Bockingford Tinted

Cream, Blue, Eggshell, Grey & Oatmeal. Not surface. 56x76cm.300gsm2.55

Ruscombe Mill Watercolour Papers

Green & Stone now stock a selection of handmade papers from Ruscombe paper mill in France. All papers are made using traditional methods & come in subtely tinted traditional shades. Handmade Drawing paper is listed in the Drawing Paper Sheets section of our website.PPHMRM.jpg

Ruscombe Mill Turners Blue

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges, muted blue in colour with flecks.240gsm 

Ruscombe Mill Turner Nocturne

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges.240gsm,  

Ruscombe Mill Whistlers Olive

Handmade, traditional gelatine sized watercolour paper, 4 deckle edges, olive green in colour200gsm, 56 x 76cm26.25

Watercolour Pads


Watercolour pads


300gsm Arches Gummed Watercolour Block

300gsm, 20 Sheets. Gummed 4 Sides, 100% Rag Cotton, Gelatine Tub Sized, Neutral Ph, Rough, Not & Hot Press Surface

Arches Aquarelle Travel Books

300gsm, 15 sheets. Not (cold pressed) surface.

Arches Aquarelle Pad & Brush Set

Set contains
Arches Cold-pressed 300gsm
10 x 25cm watercolour pad
plus 2 squirrel hair brushes, size 0 and 4.
Box size - 27.5cm x 18cm25.00

Daler Langton Watercolour Spiral Pads

300gsm, 12 sheets. Spiral bound, acid free, NOT surface 

Daler Langton 200lb Watercolour Spiral Pad

425gsm, 12 sheets, spiral bound, acid free, NOT surface. Heavyeight watercolour paper

Daler Langton Watercolour Pad

300gsm, 12 sheets. Acid free, NOT surface. 

Daler Langton Hot Pressed Watercolour Pad

300gsm, 12 sheets, acid free, HOT PRESSED surface. Smooth paper ideal for detail

Daler Langton Spiral Pad-Rough

12 Sheets, 300gsm (140lbs) 

Daler Langton Pad-Rough

12 sheets, 300gsm (140lbs). Gummed on short edge. Blue cover. 

Daler Bockingford Pad

300gsm, 10 sheets. Acid free, Not surface. 

Daler Bockingford Spiral Pad

300gsm , 10 sheets. Acid free, NOT surface. A well known watercolour & sketching paper with excellent paint removal properties & good resistance to cockling when washes are applied. 

Green & Stone Watercolour Scape Pad

300gsm, 25 sheets. Spiral bound, Saunders Waterford paper, acid free, Not surface. Extra-long shape for landscape painting. Printed cover fly sheet with rigid plain black top board & grey board backing

Bockingford Fat Pad

300gsam , 25 sheets. Not or Extra Rough surface, spiral bound. Printed cover fly-sheet with rigid plain black top board & greyboard backing.

Saunders Waterford Fat Pad

300gsm , 25 sheets. Hot Press, Not and Rough surface, 1 or 2 deckle edges, spiral bound. Printed cover fly-sheet with rigid plain black top board & greyboard backing. 

Fabriano Classico 5 Fat Pad

300gsm. 25 sheets. Satinata (Hot Press) surface, spiral bound on short edge. Paper is 50% cotton, acid free. Printed cover fly sheet with plain black top board & greyboard backing.

Fabriano Artistico Blocks

300gsm Mould made, 100% cotton, acid free. Glued 4 edges. Available in Traditional white shade or Extra white. Available in Satinata (HP), Fina (Not) & Grossa (Rough) surfaces 

Fabriano Watercolour Postcard Pad

300gsm, 20 sheets. Not(cold pressed). Acid free. Glued on long edge. Standard postcard format is printed on the reverse of each sheet.  

Sennelier Panoramic Block


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