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At Green and Stone we stock a large range of high quality pencils for the artist and designer.

We have divided our website according to type of pencil rather than manufacturer so that you can see our full range of each type of pencil easily. This includes: Graphite Pencils, Drawing Pencils (charcoal, chalk, and carbon), Coloured pencils, Clutch and Propelling Pencils Please see our menu list or scroll through this section.

Our pencils are all of European origin and are therefore labelled on the European system using a degree scale from 'H' (for hardness) to 'B' (for blackness), as well as 'F' (for fine point). The standard writing pencil is 'HB'.

The largest ranges are in graphite pencils which range from a very hard, light-marking pencil to a very soft, black-marking pencil. This labelling mainly applies to all the monochrome pencils listed in the 'Graphite Pencil' and 'Drawing Pencil' areas of our website, rather than coloured pencils.

We also stock a selection of pencil ancillaries: Pencil sharpeners range from pocket sharpeners, for all pencil types, to desk sharpeners both manual and electric. Erasers for both fine art and design purposes. Pencil cases and boxes.

Green & Stone

Green & Stone Graphite Pencils

Unvarnished cedar wood casing.
Grades: 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB.0.70

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