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001012.jpgSmall Wind-Up Easel No.001 012 | Solid oak easel with wind-up canvas height adjustment. (pictured left)
With locking castors
Height : 160cm, Max canvas height : 130cm, Weight : 21kg1645.00
002012.jpgLarge Wind-Up Easel No. 002 012 | Large solid oak easel with wind-up mechanism and castors. Height : 182cm, Max canvas height : 150cm, Weight : 28.50kg2070.00
003012.jpgInclinable Wind- Up Easel No. 003 012 | Solid oak easel with wind-up canvas height adjustment and forward inclinable motion. (pictured left)Height : 230cm, Max canvas height : 195cm, Weight : 42kg2820.00
003212.jpgDouble Sided Wind-Up Easel No. 003212 | Large double sided, solid oak wind-up easel. Ideal for large canvases. Has drawers on one side. Height : 258cm, Max canvas height : 220cm, Weight : 78kg5230.00

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