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Kidney Shape 6601

White Plastic, with thumb hole & 8 mixing wells.1.75

Circular Palette 6605

White Plastic, 17.5cm diameter with 10 mixing wells.0.85

Large Oblong Palette 6606

White Plastic, 53x24x1cm with thumb hole, 5 mixing wells.2.75

Oblong Palette, Deep Wells 6603

White Plastic, 24x9x2cm with 6 mixing wells.2.75

Mini Oblong 6607

White Plastic, 13x8.8cm, with 6 mixing wells.0.60

Winsor & Newton Slant Tile No.16

White Plastic, 6 wells.3.00

Herring Folding Cresent Palette

White tough plastic semi-circular palette opening to full circle, with 12 half-pans for tube colour and 6 mixing wells and thumb hole. 17.5cm diameter.13.50

Folding Plastic Watercolour Palette

White plastic, 2 sections when open with lid and thumb hole. 
Jakar Folding Palette | 5 large, 12 small rectangular wells. 2 brush holders and thumb hole25.5 x 11cm2.75
Small Plastic Folding Palette 312 | 20 small wells and 5 large wells20 x 10cm closed2.60
Large Plastic Folding Palette 311 | 28 small wells, 5 large wells, thumb hole and 3 small wells in which to stand brushes26 x 14cm closed4.40

Maimeri Plastic Bowl Sets

Available in 2 sizes, with airtight lid. 
5 cup set 32-37-42-47-50mm1.45
3 cup set 55-65-70mm1.90

Clear Kidney Palette

This large flat transparent kidney palette can be used with acrylics or oil paints. It has a comfortable thumb hole and is very lightweight.45 x 30cm4.95

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