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Daylight Simulation Energy Saving Bulbs

Relaxing on the eyes, good for detailed & intricate work. Excellent for colour matching, colours look as they would under natural daylight.daybulb.jpg


Available in 2 fittings13.95
Edison screw 11W & 20W  
Bayonet cap 11W & 20W 

Aluminium Easel Lamp

Strong clamp so the lamp can be positioned and easily moved on the easel. 20w energy saving bulb. Replacement bulb 20w D15200

Flexilight + clamp

36cm flexible arm with universal table clamp. Gives an equivalent 60w natural light. Replacement bulb 11w D1511050.00

Mag Lamp

A simple magnifying lamp with 13cm lens with 1.75 x magnification. 11w energy saving bulb. Replacement bulb 11w D15110104.95

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