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Chartmate Set Squares

Graduated acrylic set squares with stainless steel edges. Chartmate set squares are graduated in cm and mm, have a 5cm grid for lining up your artwork and doublesided \'finger lifts\'. They have stainless steel cutting edge.
231MT-32A | 30 - 60 degreeslong edge 30cm 12.00
231MT-32B | 45 - 45 degreeslong edge 32cm12.00
231MT-35A | 30 - 60 degreelong edge 35cm15.00
231MT-42B | 45 - 45 degreeslong edge 42cm15.00

Chartmate Adjustable Set Squares

Are made from clear 3mm perspex with bevelled or square edges. 
6"/15cm 6.5"/17cm Arm Length16.80
8"/20cm 9"/23cm Arm Length19.55
10"/25cm 12"/30cm Arm Length22.05
12"/30cm 15"/37cm Arm length27.65

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