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Ecobra Master Bow Compasses

Ecobra Instruments have been manufactured in Nuremburg West Germany for many decades and are firmly established world wide as the finest and largest range of precision drawing instruments available today.

The Master Bow features an unbreakable hoop spring and a centre screw spindle with and stops; free from play

Master-Bow Pencil (3741)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm.Centre wheel for fine adjustment. Working range 250mm

Master-Bow Pencil with Lengthening Bar (3728)

Has two knee joints, spigot diameter is 4mm, length 162mm. Working range 500mm

Universal Master Bow (60500)

Has an adaptor that will hold markers, technical pens and a swann-morton No. 3 handle to cut circles. Working range 210mm

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