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MICHAEL HARDINGS Artists Oil Colours

"The first quality oil paint, EXCELLENT!" DAVID HOCKNEY 1998.

"These are the best oil paints in the world today" HOWARD HODGKIN 1996.

Artist's Oil Paint with the original colour intensity that artists would have experienced prior to mass production. Michael Harding paints have grown from a range of 15 colours in 1993 to a present day 64, and are now used by many leading artists. The greatest care has been taken in selecting all the ingredients to produce colours of power and intensity. All colours are ground in a grade of Refined Cold Pressed Linseed Oil chosen for its neutral acidity. There is one exception to this; titanium white no. 1. This is ground in Refined Poppy Oil which therefore is slower drying as driers are not included within the formulation of this range. As well as using traditional pigments this range of paints also makes use of more recent technological breakthroughs in pigment production to produce a fine range of lake colours with very high lightfastness ratings. 225ml - Selected colours in stock. All colours available to order.

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Because of health and safety regulations Lead White paint can no longer be packaged in tubes. Michael Harding is still producing Cremnitz White but it will be supplied in a 250ml cartridge. FOR RESTORATION PURPOSES ONLY
See below.


Handmade colour chart

Shows actual paint samples.14.25

Series 1

Tubes 40ml7.20
Tubes 225ml30.30

Series 2


Series 3


Series 4


Series 5


Series 6


Series 7


Michael Harding Introductory Set

contains 6 x 40ml tubes.
Titanium White, Yellow Lake, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre Dark, Burnt Umber & Scarlet Lake.
6 x 40ml Tubes46.80

Lead Based White Cartridges - Cremnitz White

FOR RESTORATION PURPOSES ONLY. The 250ml cartridges are to be used with the cartridge guns. Available ground in either linseed or walnut oil.
Cremnitz White 1 in Linseed Oil No.308 |

Price reduction Cremnitz white is now a series 3.

PW1 lead carbonate ground in linseed oil
250ml cartridge66.40
Cremnitz White in Walnut Oil No.307 | PW1 lead carbonate ground in walnut oil. Series 3250ml cartridge66.40

Stack Lead White - Dutch Process No.607



PW1 lead carbonate ground in linseed oil
250ml cartridge210.10

Cartridge Gun

The 250ml cartridges of paint fit into the cartridge gun, providing a safe and economical method for delivering the paint.
cartridge gun7.80

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