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Oil Mediums & Varnishes



Robersons Siccative

Cobalt naphthenate and white spirit. Add sparingly to oil colours to accelerate drying. Thin with white spirit.60ml5.90

Sennelier Cobalt Driers

Contains cobalt, zirconium, zinc and calcium salts. Highly concentrated; use in small doses (less than 5%)75ml7.25

Sennelier White Siccative Drier

Colourless drier containing calcium salts (which activate the natural drying characteristics of the pigments). Up to 15% may be added. Particularly suitable for pale colours. 

Sennelier Gel 'n Dry

Gel version of an alkyd drier. Add 15 -20% tp paint to speed drying, improves fluidity and gloss. Suitable for impasto techniques.40ml tube4.95

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