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Oil Mediums & Varnishes



Winsor & Newton Liquin Original

Oil modified alkyd resin. A thixotropic, translucent gel which quickly dries to a virtually non-yellowing film. Improves the flow of oil and alkyd colours for smooth brushwork, subtle blending or fine detail. It also increases translucency making it ideal for thinning glazes.
1 litre37.25

Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto Medium

Quick drying semi-gloss impasto medium200ml tube20.00

Winsor & Newton Liquin Fine Detail

Quick drying fluid gloss medium. Ideal for detail work, glazing and smoothing areas with no brushmarks.75ml7.00

Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel

(Formerly Wingel). Quick drying gloss medium for glazing. Very slight gel, which breaks down immediately on brushing. 

Liquin Oleopasto

A semi-mat, quick drying, non-yellowing impasto medium which retains crisp textures and brush strokes.200ml tube20.00

Winsor & Newton Artists Painting Medium

Linseed oil, petrolleum distillate. A pale yellow thinning medium for oil colours which improves flow and wetting, thereby facilitating fine detail work. Dries to a flexible film with minimal tendency to crack.

Daler Rowney Alkyd Flow

Reduces the drying time, increases transparency and flow of oil colour.

Robersons Oil Painting Medium-UNAVAILABLE

UNAVAILABLE - The closest option is Roberson Medium 1810. Double thick mastic varnish, pale drying linseed oil, synthetic copal varnish. Gives flowing quality and rich brilliant effect without gloss.

Robersons Maroger Medium

Mastic resin, gum arabic, linseed oil. Gives lasting brilliance to colours used in wet-in-wet technique.
38ml tube9.80

Robersons Glaze Medium

Turpentine, damar, stand oil, cobalt driers. Mix with either oil colour or pigment to increase translucency and improve flow. Ideal for thin glazes and fine brushwork.

Roberson Glaze Medium Matt


Roberson Medium 1810

Traditional high oil fat painting medium, made using the highest quality materials. This premium all round medium can be mixed with oil colour in any ratio. Will retain colour and strength, is resistant to bleeding yet has good flow release and is ideal for blending. When dry, has an enamel-like quality. Stand oil/cold-pressed linseed oil/Canada balsam/rectified spirit of turpentine/beeswax/driers. Do not use as a varnish, always mix with oil colour.

Michael Hardings Oil Paint Medium PM1

Oil paint medium is a basic paint medium designed to ease flow and increase gloss, transparency, depth and beauty of the pigment colour. This medium is a linseed stand oil, turpentine, formulation that prevents yellowing of paint film.100ml7.85

Michael Hardings Resin Oil Wax Medium PM3

Resin Oil Wax Medium is a soft painting paste, derived from pure bleached beeswax then mixed with dammar resin and linseed stand oil. This popular medium creates a satin sheen and gentle impasto in paint layers. Settling of the medium may occur so allow jar to stand in hot water and stir contents until dissolved.100ml8.40

Michael Hardings Beeswax Paste PM4

Bleached Beeswax/ Linseed Stand Oil/ Double Rectified Turpentine
Increases body of oil colour, with satin-matt finish - add 5-10% to neat oil colour as required.

Sennelier Turner Painting Medium

Based on Dammar gum. Reinforces the cohesion of the brush stroke, accentuates gloss. Useful for glazing and transparent washes.75ml6.25

Sennelier Van Eyck Medium

Medium with a gel-like consistency, based on mastic resin and oil thickened in the presence of metal oxides. Easy application. Fixes brushstrokes. Increases gloss, transparency and depth of colour.40ml tube9.95

Sennelier Veronese Medium

Paste medium, based on beeswax, which provides a uniform matt finish. Ideal for 'alla prima' studies, l;arge pieces and exterior work due to the rapid setting of impastos.40ml tubes8.95

Sennelier Turner Transparent Medium

Used for glazing and finishing. Absolutely transparent and luminous. Conserves the relief and satin finish of the colour.40ml tube8.95

Schmincke Medium W

Make your favourite oil colours water-mixable!
Simply mix 2 parts paint to one part gel and you will instantly have an oil colour that can be mixed and thinned with water - and most importantly cleaned away with water!
Medium W Gell will produce no colour change when dried, is harmonised and quick drying. It keeps water resistency and increases both gloss and transparency

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