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CARAN D´ACHE Neocolour II Aquarelle

Water soluble artists painting crayons. Exceptional covering properties, colourfast. Shades mixable for infinite variety and usable on any material. SOLD ONLY IN SETS. 
Tin of 10 Set17.00
Tin of 15 Set26.00
Tin of 30 Set53.00
Tin of 40 Set79.00
Tin of 84 Set180.00

LYRA Wax Giants

Black or White onlySingle1.15
set | Assorted colours in a cardboard box.6 crayons6.80

OCALDO Sketching Sticks

Square section sketching sticks Sold in Boxes of 12. Available in 4 selections.
Black 2.60
White 2.60
Graduated Greys 3.00
Landscape Selection 3.00

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