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Silverpoint (or metal point) is a method of drawing using a piece of sterling silver wire held in a holder. It's use predates graphite as a drawing medium and was used by old masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Durer. The drawings are characterised by a delicacy of line, different gauges of wire are available to give different line widths.

A number of surfaces will react with silver point (as can be tested by a stroke of any silver article), but in general the surface needs to be a firm paper or lightweight board which is smooth and coated. Thin layers of rabbit skin gesso, acrylic gesso, gouache or Chinese white may be suitable. The slight tooth made by the layer of paint takes a little of the silver as you move the point over the surface to make the drawing. To start with the drawing is silvery but over time the silver will tarnish to a rusty black for an old master finish.



Wire Holder


Silver Wire

Various widths 

Roberson Silverpoint Drawing Ground

A natural bone ash primer for paper and card. Developed for the technique of silverpoint drawing, tinted to a traditional off white finish.

Golden Silverpoint Drawing Ground

Used for the preparation of supports for drawing media.
Designed to achieve fine detailed lines on a permanent, lightfast, flexible ground.
Ideal for use with metal styli or other drawing tools.

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