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Pencils & Drawing Ancillaries

Graphite and Drawing Pencil Sets



Derwent Drawing Pencil Set

Tin of 610.90
Tin of 2437.50

Metallic Pencils

Tin of 1218.25

Derwent Six Tins

Practical compact tins containing six high quality Sketching, Watersoluble Sketching or Drawing Pencils. Also includes sharpener. 
Sketching 6 Tin | Contains 2 x HB, 2 x 2B, 2 x 4B and sharpener8.60
Watersoluble Sketching 6 Tin | Contains 2 x HB, 2 x 4B, 2 x 8B and sharpener8.95
Drawing 6 Tin | Contains Brown Ochre, Sepia, Sanguine, Chocolate, Ivory Black, Chinese White and sharpener10.90

XL Blocks - Tins

The size of the XL blocks gives a unique mark making potential; from the broadest strokes to the most delicate lines. Incredibly versatile and naturally water soluble, the blocks are capable of creating a wide range of textures and effects.  
XL Graphite Blocks | Olive Green, Dark Prussian, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Soft, Very SoftTin of 622.50
XL Charcoal Blocks | Ochre, Sanguine, Violet, Sepia, Black, WhiteTin of 622.50

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