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Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Artists Pencil

Water resistant. For artists, graphic artists, designers & architects. Can be used for fine lines, brilliantly coloured areas & delicate merges. 

Available in 72 colours

white, cream, zinc yellow, lemon cadmium, light chrome, lemon, canary yellow, orange yellow, light orange, dark orange, vermillion, scarlet lake, pale geranium lake, rose carmine, dark carmine, rose madder lake, dark flesh, medium flesh, light flesh, wine red, magenta, red violet, dark violet, blue violet, violet, light violet, delft blue, deep cobalt, light cobalt, sky blue, true blue, oriental blue, paris blue, ultramarine, peacock blue, aquamarine, night green, sea green, hookers green, viridian, true green, emerald green, juniper green, sap green, moss green, apple green, light green, grey green, olive green, cedar green, dark sepia, Vandyke brown, raw umber, brown ochre, gold ochre, ochre, light ochre, burnt ochre, cinnamon, venetian red, pompeian red, Indian red, burnt carmine, purple, light grey, silver grey, medium grey, dark grey, black
Tin of 1218.00
Tin of 2436.00
Tin of 3654.00
Tin of 72108.00
Tin of 12 greys18.00

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