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Sharpeners and Ancillaries


Desk Sharpeners


Jakar Battery Sharpener

Double holed, battery powered , plastic in variety of colours10.95

Jakar Electric Sharpener

Suitable for graphite and coloured pencils
Spare Blades - Pack of 102.75

Derwent Superpoint Manual Pencil Sharpener

Self sliding mechanism, sliding tray reservoir, - includes desk clamp.

Sharpeners with Shavings Pot


Lyra Groove Drum Sharpener

Double hole2.20

Lyra Twin-hole Sharpener

With removable lower section for shavings and lid. For pencils up to 8.3mm and 11mm. Variety of colours.Double hole2.40

Jakar Eliptical Sharpener

With removable lower section for shavings. 55cm in height. Variety of colours.Double hole3.00

Faber Castell Grip 2001 Trio Sharpening Box

Silver plastic body. Opens with double hole sharpener for graphite on one side and single hole sharpener for coloured pencils on the other.Triple hole3.25

Faber Castell Double Hole Sharpener with Eraser

Plastic casingDouble hole3.35

Other Pocket Sharpeners


Swan Stabilo 4514

For Carb Othello Chalk pencils. Black plastic with metal blade.2.00

Swan Stabilo Large Hole Sharpener

For sharpening Stabilo "Woody" pencils.2.50

Lyra Large Hole Sharpener

For sharpening Lyra Graphite Chalks.2.00

Lyra Wooden Pencil Sharpener

Beech wood with metal blade. 
Single hole1.30
Double hole1.80

Jakar Metal Sharpener

Wedge shape 
Single hole0.40
Double hole0.65
Spare blades for sharpener | Replacement blades for the Jakar sharpeners above. These blades are a standard size and are often suitable for other similar sharpeners. Made in of 103.30

Conte Pencil Sharpener

Wooden pocket sharpener suitable for use with Conte pencils.3.50

Professional Solid Brass Sharpeners

Made by Mobius + Ruppert
Circular Double Hole Sharpener 5.85
Wedge Single Sharpener 3.15
Double Wedge Sharpener 4.65
10 x Blades 3.95

Mobius + Ruppert Triple Pencil Sharpener

For graphite pencils gives three different lead shapes2.50

Lead Pointers

For sharpening Clutch pencils 

Faber Castell TK Lead Pointer

For 2mm leads. No shavings container.

Faber Castell TK Lead Pointer with container

For 2mm and 3mm leads. With small shavings container.

Linex Lead Pointer - tub


Other Pencil Ancillaries


Lyra Pencil Lengthener

Beechwood and metal. To lengthen short pencils.

Caran D Ache Metal Crayon Holder

Hexagonal, Metal clutch, Made in Switzerland. Suitable for compressed charcoal and neocolour crayons.19.00

Protective Pencil Top

Metal top to protect pencil lead.0.75

Faber- Castell Sharpening/Erasing Knife

wooden handle. While stocks last13.50

Cretacolor Sharpening Board

Sheets of sandpaper.2.90

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