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Sharpeners with Shavings Pot


Lyra Groove Drum Sharpener

Double hole2.20

Lyra Twin-hole Sharpener

With removable lower section for shavings and lid. For pencils up to 8.3mm and 11mm. Variety of colours.Double hole2.40

Jakar Eliptical Sharpener

With removable lower section for shavings. 55cm in height. Variety of colours.Double hole3.00

Faber Castell Grip 2001 Trio Sharpening Box

Silver plastic body. Opens with double hole sharpener for graphite on one side and single hole sharpener for coloured pencils on the other.Triple hole3.25

Faber Castell Double Hole Sharpener with Eraser

Plastic casingDouble hole3.35

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