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Disposable Pens and Markers


Zig Pens and Markers from Kuretake

smpost.jpgZig Posterman Wet Wipe | Waterbased pigment, highly opaque. Especially suitable for whiteboards and chalkboards. Chisel tip. Colours: White, Black, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Orange.
lrgpost.jpgZig Posterman Wet Wipe - Large Tip | Waterbased pigment, highly opaque. Especially suitable for whiteboards and chalkboards. Chisel tip. Colours: Black, White
painty.jpgZig Metallic Painty Twin Tip | Double ended; Gold one end Silver the other. Extra fine tip. Oil based pigment, quick drying, lightfast and waterproof.
Zig Calligraphy II | Double ended calligraphy pen. Tips: 2mm and 3.5mm. Waterbased, non-permanent. Available in a variety of colours.
agtwintip.jpgZig Art and Graphic Twin | Twin tip with 2mm fine tip and flexible brush tip. Waterbased colours for easy blending. Available in a variety of colours.
Zig Textile Marker | Twin tip for drawing on fabrics. 2mm tip for outlines and brush tip for blocking in colour. Waterbased pigment; lightfast; permanent on fabric. Available in a variety of colours.
artsketchpen.jpgZig Artist Sketching Pen | Alcohol based; permanent dye. The plastic point allows for lively sketching; permanent ink permits overlay of colour washes. Colours: Black, Brown
millpen.jpgZig Millenium Pen | Waterbased pigment; photo-safe; acid-free; archive quality; lightfast; waterproof and non-bleeding. Available in five tip sizes: 005, 01, 03, 05, 08. Colours: Black, Brown.2.00

Pilot Pens

pilotmark.jpgPilot Permanent Noxylene Spirit Marker | Broad chisel tip. Colours: Blue, Red, Black.
Pilot Disposable Fountain Pen | Colours: Blue, Red, Black.3.40
Pilot V Ball Writing Rollerball Pen | 0.7mm tip. Colours: Blue, Red, Black.2.45
Be Green Twin Tip Marker | Permanent marker with 2 different tips - bullet tip 3.0mm, chisel tip 10mm2.40
Be Green Gel Rollerball 1.25
Drawing Pen | Brown only2.80
Metallic Gel Pen | Gold or Silver (Brand may vary)2.05
Retractable Ballpoint Pen | Black or Blue1.80
Pilot Paint Marker | Available in sizes: EF - F - MED4.75

Faber Castell Pens

pittpens.jpgFaber Castell Pitt Artist Pen | Highly lightfast pigmented India ink. Waterproof acid free/ ph neutral. Available in 4 tips: S (Superfine), F (Fine), M (Medium), B (Brush). Colours: Black, Sepia, Sanguine.
Pitt Artist Pen - Set of Four | Plastic wallet containing four pens one of each: S, F, M, Brush, in one colour. Colours: Black, Sepia, Sanguine.10.75

Swan Stabilo Pens

stab68.jpgStabilo 68 Felt Pen | Professional quality fibre pen, with slim tip and excellent ink flow. Watersoluble. Available in full range of 40 colours
Stabilo 68 Set Set of 1013.80
Stabilo 68 Set Set of 2027.60
Stabilo 68 Set Set of 3041.40
Stabilo 68 Set Set of 4055.20
Stabilo 68 Set Set of 5069.00
stabohp.jpgStabilo OHP Pen | Permanent marker for writing on many surfaces including; paper, plastic and metal. Colours: Black, Red.
Superfine, Fine, Medium1.40

Edding Pens


Pentel Pens

pentsp.jpgSign Pen | The original fibre-tipped pen for graphics and illustrations. Made from over 80% recycled plastic. Approx. line width up to 2mm. Available in Black, Red or Blue1.70
Brush Sign Pen | With glitter barrel2.65
Italic Fountain Pen

Out of Stock until further notice

Specially shaped nib for Italic and Calligraphy style writing, Black, Nib 0.8mm.

Pigma Micron Pens

Archival ink - micro pigment ink for waterproof & fade proof fine lines. Made by Sakura - black ink only

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