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Automatic Pens

Automatic Pens are ideal for use with non-waterproof lettering inks and poster colours. The nibs are made of non-rust nickel silver and should be used with the tooth blade uppermost. Clean with warm water after use. A new pen should be filled and worked gently on paper until the colour flows. Any sign of scratching will soon wear off. 

Automatic Lettering Pen - Plain Stroke

No.1 1/1610.05
No.2 1/811.05
No.3 3/1611.05
No.3A 1/411.05
No.4 5/1611.05
No.5 1/211.05
No.6 3/411.05
No.6A 111.05

Automatic Lettering Pen - Border

No.7 1/811.05
No.8 3/1611.05
No.9 1/411.05
No.10 1/211.05

Automatic Lettering Pen - Music

5 lines

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