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Le Franc & Bourgeois Patina

An antiquing colour available in Black or Brown. Gives a translucent black/brown sheen to surface. Used to intensify cracksTube 20ml3.30

Applicraft Crackleglaze

This is a water-based glaze which when sandwiched between two coats of emulsion splits open the top coat revealing the colour beneath 

Applicraft Two-Part Craquelure

Waterbased. A two part application which reproduces the delicate effect of cracked varnish Applicraft offers a choice of two Craquelure mediums, one for small fine cracking & another for larger cracks. It is the BASECOAT which determines the size of the cracks. 
Basecoat Small Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Large Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Small Cracks 500ml14.95
Basecoat Large Cracks 500ml14.95
Top coat 100ml4.35
Top coat 500ml14.95

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