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For gilding , metallic paint, frame repair products etc please see the Gilding section. 

Liberon Rust Remover

Removes rust/oxidation from metal. Degreases metal prior to antiquing.125ml6.40

Liberon Antiquing Fluid (Tourmaline)

currently unavailable

Patinating fluid. Ages brass, copper & bronze. Available in Black or Brown

Liberon Iron Paste

Black paste for the care & decoration of caste & wrought iron250ml14.60

Metal Coat Verdibase & Activator

Two part patina to create Verdigris effect 
Verdibase 50ml2.50
2 in 1 Activator 50ml2.50


Cleaners & Polishes

Liberon Silver Polish 125ml7.15
Liberon Brass and Copper Polish 125ml7.15

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