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Etching Tools & Materials


Etching Plates


Roberson Zinc Jet Etching Plate

1.6mm, pre-backed 
50 x 50mm 
100 x 100mm 
150 x 100mm8.50
200 x 150mm13.90

Roberson Polished Copper Etching Plate

1.2mm, protected mirror finish
50 x 50mm3.95
100 x 100mm6.85
150 x 100mm9.25
200 x 150mm15.20
250 x 200mm23.05
300 x 200mm26.65



Charbonnel Intaglio Etching Inks

The pigment content is remarkably high in the Charbonnel colours in order to provide good colouring power. The binder used is medium viscosity stand oil, which is difficult to wipe but is ideal for drypoint & aquatint. Charbonnel inks contain no additives but siccatives etc can be added.
60ml tubes 
Series 1 | Black Soft, Yellow Ochre, Paynes Grey.60ml tube10.50
Series 2 | Snow White TI Titanium, Covering White RS Zinc, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Turquoise Blue, Warm Sepia, Natural Sepia.60ml tube11.70
Series 3 | Transparent Lake White, Orient Blue, Prussian Blue, Medium Green60ml tube14.20
Series 4 | Lemon Yellow, Indian Yellow, Cardinal Red, Permanent Viridian60ml tube18.20
Series 5 | Warm Red, Madder Lake.60ml tube22.10
Series 6 | Permanent Violet60ml tube29.50

Charbonnel Intaglio Etching Inks 200ml

Black only 
Series 1 | Black Soft200ml tin16.10
Series 2 | Black Luxe C, Black Deep 55985200ml Tub20.50

Etching Grounds & Mediums


Etching Grounds

Rhind's Hard dark etching disk 17g5.00
Rhind's Soft dark etching disk 17g5.00

Retouching Grounds

Rhind's Rebiting Varnish 15ml5.15

Copperplate Reducing Oil - Medium

Printing inks can be made by mixing powdered pigments with copperplate oil. Pour small quantity of oil into wrll of dry pigment and grind with glass muller until smooth. Thin oil is then added until mixture has consistency of double cream. 500ml 20.30

Stopping Out & Protecting Varnish

Lamour black covering varnish 75ml8.65
etchgrd.jpgLamour black covering varnish 250ml20.40
Straw hat varnish 250ml13.90
brunblk.jpgBrunswick black 250ml12.15
Rhinds Stopping Out Varnish | Larger sizes available60ml6.70

Etching Tools/Sundries


Wax Tapers

box of 709.00


43" wide


Made in USA 
Scraper triangular solid |
burnscrap.jpgScraper/burnisher combination 735.30


Made in Germany 
needle.jpgLight needle |
Heavy needle 140mm20.70
Burnisher Scriber 42.40 
Light Burnisher Scriber 36.55 

Roulette Wheels

No. 9 angle shaft-dot 45/85/120. Made in USA49.30

Needles & Points

Made in USA 
steletch.jpgSteel etching needle No. 1 |
Cork handle dry point |
burnpt.jpgTwisted double point 7"11.75
Diamond point etching needle No. 1 29.05


Made in USA 
flburn.jpgBurnisher straight No. 1 618.35
Burnisher curved No.2 616.38
ballburn.jpgBurnisher ball 512.70

Pin Vice

Made in Germany

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