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Etching Tools & Materials

Etching Grounds & Mediums


Etching Grounds

Rhind's Hard dark etching disk 17g5.00
Rhind's Soft dark etching disk 17g5.00

Retouching Grounds

Rhind's Rebiting Varnish 15ml5.15

Copperplate Reducing Oil - Medium

Printing inks can be made by mixing powdered pigments with copperplate oil. Pour small quantity of oil into wrll of dry pigment and grind with glass muller until smooth. Thin oil is then added until mixture has consistency of double cream. 500ml 20.30

Stopping Out & Protecting Varnish

Lamour black covering varnish 75ml8.65
etchgrd.jpgLamour black covering varnish 250ml20.40
Straw hat varnish 250ml13.90
brunblk.jpgBrunswick black 250ml12.15
Rhinds Stopping Out Varnish | Larger sizes available60ml6.70

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