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Screenprinting Equipment


Speedball Fabric Screenprinting Kit

Kit contains: 25 x 35cm wooden printing screen, squeegee, 118ml black, red and yellow fabric screen printing inks, 118ml drawing fluid, 118ml Diazo photo emulsion, 85.00
Speedball Textile Screenprinting Inks | Acrylic based, colours available: black, white, red, blue & yellow.
Speedball Screen Drawing Fluid | Acrylic based
8fl oz7.80
Speedball Screen Filler | Acrylic based
8fl oz11.00
Plastic Squeegie 9" wide9.00

Rowney System 3 Printing Mediums

System 3 Textile Printing Medium | Acrylic based
System 3 Screen Printing Medium | Blend with System 3 Acrylic to give a waterbased screen printing medium
Screen Drawing Fluid 75ml4.95
System 3 Removable Screen Block 250ml tin14.95

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