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Glues & Adhesives

Many of the products listed below are classed as Flammable or Harmful and therefore unfortunately we are unable to supply them mail order. Please contact us for more information 

UHU Plus

pRCgaU.gifUHU Plus | 2 - component epoxy adhesive gel for metal, glass, china, marble, stone, wood, duroplastics, rubber etc. Resistant to diluted acids and alkalis, petrol, mineral oils & many solvents.2x 20ml tube4.55
UHU Plus Acrylic | 2 - component tube & powder binder.26g6.50

HMG Heat & Waterproof Adhesive

Cellulose Nitrate, Repairs to pottery, wood, porcelain, metal, leather, paper, cloth etc. except rubber. Flammabletube7.75

HMG Acrylic Adhesive B72

Paraloid, Repairs as above. Non-yellowing. Flammabletube10.70

Pel Neutral pH Adhesive

Permanent PVA adhesive - dries clear, remains flexible8oz9.90

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