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Acrylic Paints/Mediums

Acrylic Mediums and Varnishes


Liquitex Acrylic Mediums/Varnishes


Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish

All-purpose mixing medium for acrylic colours, as well as final permanent varnish.

Liquitex Matt Medium

Mix with acrylic paint to create a flat matt surface sheen. Mix with gloss medium & varnish to vary paint sheen from matt to satin

Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium

A gloss medium with the same body & viscosity of tube colour. Can be used to add body to jar colour. Extends drying time of acrylic paint. 

Liquitex Matt Gel Medium

All the properties of Gel Medium except that it dries to a satin matt finish.

Liquitex Heavy GLoss Gel Medium

This heavy bodied gloss gel creates transparent impastos & extends drying time. 

Liquitex Modelling Paste

A marble putty used to build heavy textures. Can be mixed or painted with acrylic colour. Mix with gel medium for use on flexible supports.

Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Gel Retarder

118ml Jar8.25

Liquitex Texture Gels

Blended Fibres Ceramic Stucco Natural Sand Resin Sand Black Lava Glass Beads White Opaque Flakes 

Liquitex Soluvar Gloss Varnish


Liquitex Soluvar Matt Varnish


Liquitex Matt Varnish


Liquitex Glazing Medium


Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium


Palette Wetting Spray


Liquitex Iridescent Medium


Liquitex Flow Aid


Liquitex Pouring Medium


Liquitex Spray Varnish

New product, available soon. Available in Gloss, Matt or Satin 

Daler Rowney Acrylic Mediums/Varnishes


Daler Rowney Soluble Matt Varnish

A non-blooming, non-yellowing varnish specially developed for the protection of acrylic works from environmental pollutants which can cause surface degradation. Can be removed with low odour thinners or turpentine.

Daler Rowney Soluble Gloss Varnish

Properties as matt varnish but provides a gloss finish.

W&N Acrylic Mediums/Varnishes


W&N Galleria Gloss Varnish


W&N Galleria Satin Varnish


W&N Galleria Matt Varnish


Golden Acrylic Gel Mediums

GOLDEN Gel Mediums offer artists many ways to build texture. They range in consistency from pourable to moldable with varying degrees of sheen and transparency. They can be used to create glazes, extend paints and change finishes. Some gels incorporate pumice, glass or acrylic granules that impart unique reflective, rough or absorbent surface qualities.

Gels can be thought of as colourless paint, as they are composed of 100% acrylic polymers similar to acrylic paint. They can also act as adhesives in collage and mixed media that dry to form continuous films with excellent flexibility with chemical, water and UV resistance.

Golden Soft Body Gels

Thinner than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors, Soft Gels are moderately pourable. Hold only slight peaks. The recommended acrylic to function as a glue for collaging. Soft Gel Gloss is ideal for glazing and other techniques where transparency is desired.  
gsftgelgl.jpgSoft Gel (Gloss) 237ml15.50
gsftgelsgl.jpgSoft Gel (Semi-Gloss) 237ml15.50
gsftgelmt.jpgSoft Gel (Matte) 237ml15.50

Golden Regular Gels

Same creamy consistency as GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors. Ideal for extending paint and regulating translucency without changing the consistency of the Heavy Body and Matte colors. Hold moderate peaks and texture. The Regular Gel Gloss is ideal for glazing and other techniques where transparency is desired. 
regglglo.jpgRegular Gel (Gloss) 237ml15.50
regglseglo.jpgRegular Gel (Semi-Gloss) 237ml15.50
regglmat.jpgRegular Gel (Matte) 237ml15.50

Self-Leveling Clear Gel

Designed to produce an even film with excellent clarity. The gel has a unique resinous, stringy consistency resulting from the levelling property. This product dries to a flexible, high gloss film, which can increase the transparency and sheen, while imparting a levelling quality to other GOLDEN Acrylic products. 
slflevgel.jpg 237ml15.50

High Solid Gel

hisoglglo.jpgHigh Solid Gel (Gloss) | Thicker consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors, while being similar to Extra-Heavy Gels. Offers higher gloss, lower shrinkage and dries to the touch quicker than most Gels. High Solid Gels are good for holding peaks. Blends with colors to make them feel more oil-like and increases retention of brushstrokes. 237ml15.50
hisoglmat.jpgHigh Solid Gel (Matte) | Thicker consistency than GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylic colors, while being similar to Extra-Heavy Gels. Dries to a matte finish. Offers lower shrinkage and dries to touch quicker than most Gels. Good for holding peaks. Blends with colors to make them feel more oil-like and increases retention of brushstrokes.237ml15.50

Pumice Gels

Used to create textured surfaces. Dries to a hard film. To increase its flexibility, mix in other GOLDEN Gels or mediums. Blends with GOLDEN Acrylic colours. 
finpumi.jpgFine Pumice Gel 237ml15.50
coarpumi.jpgCoarse Pumice Gel 237ml15.50
excoarpumi.jpgExtra Coarse Pumice Gel 237ml15.50

Clear Tar Gel

Designed to yield a pully, tar-like feel, but in a colourless gel. This gel has an extremely resinous and stringy consistency, which makes it feel very different than other acrylics. Useful for generating fine detailed lines by "dripping" it over surfaces, as it continuously flows from palette knives or other tools. Blends with all GOLDEN Acrylic colours (though Fluids work best) to offer a full range of colors with which to work. 
cltargel.jpg 237ml15.50

Clear Granular Gel

Used to create textured surfaces. Dries to a hard film. To increase its flexibility, mix in other GOLDEN Gels or mediums. Blends with GOLDEN Acrylic colours.  
clgrangel.jpg 237ml15.50

Golden Acrylic Mediums/Varnishes


Golden Acrylic Pastes

GOLDEN Pastes are tools that artists can use to achieve a variety of effects and expressions. Pastes used in conjunction with acrylic colours broaden working properties and expand creative possibilities.

Pastes differ from most gels in that they are opaque and may contain Marble Dust, Diatomaceous Earth, fibres, clays or other fillers resulting in a white or clay-tone finish with a variety of textures and properties. Pastes can also be used to create textured foundations for painting.

Golden Molding Paste

molpast.jpgMolding Paste | Excellent for building surfaces and creating textures. Dries to a hard, yet flexible, opaque film. Blends with GOLDEN Acrylic colors.237ml15.50
ltmolpast.jpgLight Molding Paste | Offers dramatic weight reductions when building thick layers of acrylic. The density of the wet product is over 50% less than GOLDEN Molding Paste. This results in a significantly lighter film. This dramatic weight reduction will be beneficial in creating artworks that are large in size, have thick film build-up, or both. The product dries to an opaque, matte finish. The consistency is designed to hold stiff peaks to create a highly textured surface. Blends with GOLDEN Acrylic colors. 237ml15.50

Polymer Medium (Gloss)

A general purpose liquid medium useful for creating glazes, extending colours, enhancing gloss and translucency and increasing film integrity. Has a unique feel that is much more oil-like or resinous in nature and that promotes flow and levelling 
polyglomed.jpg 237ml15.50

Fluid Matte Medium

A liquid medium useful for extending colors, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. Useful for blending with GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics to decrease the gloss, without increasing viscosity. 
flumatmed.jpg 237ml15.50

MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) Varnish with UVLS

MSA (Mineral Spirit Acrylic) Varnish with UVLS (UltraViolet Light Stabilizers) is a Mineral Spirit Acrylic-borne resin system. MSA Varnish forms a tougher, less permeable film than waterborne acrylic emulsion varnishes. It reduces dirt penetration and surface marring, offering an extremely level film with less foam and fewer pinholes. Removable with turpentine after drying. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte. Recommended for either interior or exterior use. For use on acrylics, oils, temperas, watercolors and various other media. Health Labeled (HL) Product. Not for use by children. 
msavarglo.jpgMSA Varnish with UVLS (gloss) 236ml22.95
msavarmat.jpgMSA Varnish with UVLS (matte) 236ml22.95
msavarsat.jpgMSA Varnish with UVLS (satin) 236ml22.95

Polymer Varnish with UVLS

Polymer Varnish with UVLS (UltraViolet Light Stabilizers) is a waterborne acrylic polymer varnish that dries to a protective, flexible, dust resistant surface over acrylic paint. Removable with ammonia. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte. Health Labeled (HL) Product. Not for use by children. Recommended for interior use only. 
uvlspolyvarmat.jpgUVLS Polymer Varnish Matte 119ml10.95

Phosphorescent Green

GOLDEN Phosphorescent Green is a water-based acrylic medium that can be applied to various surfaces. The unique pigment used in its formulation is characterized by its ability to absorb and store natural and artificial light. When the light source is removed (i.e. when the lights are turned off or the painted object is taken into a dark area), a bright, greenish glow is emitted for up to 15 minutes. The glow steadily diminishes as the stored light energy is released.  
phosgre.jpg 119ml27.95

Golden Digital Ground

Prepare surfaces for inkjet printing. Digital ground is formulated to enhance the print quality of traditional and nontraditional surfaces processed through an inkjet printer 
digigro.jpgClear Gloss | A clear gloss with a gloss sheen for most absorbant surfaces.237ml15.95
Non Porous | A clear ground for non porous surfaces236ml15.95

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