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Masking Fluid


Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

A rubber liquid with added pigmentation for masking areas of work

Winsor & Newton Colourless Art Masking Fluid

A colourless liquid for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes. Specifically designed for soft sized papers to avoid staining. For best results remove as soon as possible after application.75ml7.00

Winsor & Newton Permanent Masking Medium

A non-removable transparent liquid mask. Excellent for detail. Can be applied directly onto the paper or mixed with watercolour first

Pebeo Drawing Gum

Peelable rubber solution used to keep areas colour free when using ink, watercolour or gouache. Rubbed off when the colour is dry to reveal plain paper beneath.45ml4.35

Masquepen Art Masking Fluid with Applicator

Designed to make the application of masking fluid easier and more accurate, the masquepen is a pot with a built in fine point nib applicator. It can be used accurately and saves ruining brushes. Contains quality blue masking fluid.30ml9.75

Masquepen Art Masking Fluid Refill


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