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Conservation Hinging Tape

A selection of tapes - Many are available sold by the metre when purchased in the shop - mail order purchase of whole rolls only. 

Lineco Self Adhesive Hinging Tissue 533-0125

45gsm. Self-adhesive fine, long fibre tissue with an archival quality, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive that is permanent and non-yellowing. Ideal for hinging translucent art eg. Japanese paper because it won't show through.25mm x 10m16.90

Lineco Self Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape 533-1015

90gsm. Self-adhesive, extra strong, very thin linen cloth coated with a neutral pH non-yellowing pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive. The thread count makes it an excellent choice for hinging window mounts to backer mounts or making repairs in books etc.32mm x 10m24.90

UKIT Self Adhesive Linen Tape

Acid free, white linen cloth gummed tape. for hinging mounting or repair applications. 32mm x 10m27.50

UKIT PH7-70 Self Adhesive Paper Tape

White single sided. acid free (pH7-neutral). This product has high initial grab, with excellent temperature resistance . has been used in libraries & other conservation applications in the UK for the last 6 years with excellent results.25mm x 66m24.00

UKIT PH7-70 Conservation ATG Double Sided Tape

Permanent, double sided adhesive tape. Waterbased acrylic adhesive system, which will not react with sensitive papers. Acid free adhesive, neutral pH of 7.70. High initial tack, adhesive non-ageing and will not turn yellow. Ideal for use with an adhesive transfer gun and for where a permanent bond is preferred. 
12mm x 30m11.80
19mm x 30m17.80

UKI Gummed Linen Tape

24mm x 10m16.70

UKIT Gummed Paper

24 x 5016.00

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