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Modelling Materials


Modelling Materials


Fimo Soft

oven hardening modelling material.
white, nightglow, lemon, sunflower, orange, Indian red, cherry red, raspberry, lavender, purple violet, plum, Windsor blue, brilliant blue, pacific blue, peppermint, lime green, tropical green, emerald, sahara, caramel, chocolate, cognac, dolphin grey, black.


An off white nylon reinforced non toxic modelling material. Hardens without firing in a kiln. Can be painted with any colours and varnished. Can be softened with water. 
Newclay - Tub 2.5kg7.00
Newclay-large pack 4.5 kilo9.65
Newclay Gloss Varnish 620g11.95

Das Pronto

Air hardening modelling material. Available in white or terracotta
Clay 500g3.95
Clay 1kg6.95
VerniDas | Transparent acrylic glossy protective varnish with brush-cap33ml3.45

Winsor & Newton Modelling Clay

Superfine North Devon Ball Clay with medium shrinkage. Firing range 900 degree C - 1260 degree C3kg7.45

Lewis Newplast

One Colour Pack | Available in variety of colours; white, grey, terracotta500g1.90
Assorted Pack | Pack of assorted colours. Available in two ranges: Rainbow or Bright 500g2.50

Milan Porcelena Rusa Blanca

Clay for high definition modelling that hardens on air contact. No firing required. Enables very fine pieces to be modelled. Coloured with any type of paint. Enables a finish similar to that of porcelain to be obtained


A two part epoxy putty for sculpting and modelling. Available in 4 grades.
Superfine White Milliput | Restores & repairs porcelain and ceramics.113g7.20
Standard Milliput | For repairing, modelling and sculpting.113g3.80
Terracotta Milliput | Repairs statues, pots and urns. Replaces missing pieces.113g4.60
Silver Grey | For the restoration of porcelain and other objets D'art, picture mouldings etc.113g6.20
Black Milliput | Restores & repairs porcelain and ceramics.113g6.50


A high quality waxed based modelling material with the smooth consistency of clay but does not dry out, so can be used over & over again.
1 kg10.20

Boxwood Modelling Tools

Assorted designs152mm long1.00

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