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Sculpting stands



Mabef Sculpting Stand M/36

Beech wood. Adjustable height. Working surface can be turned
Height : 100/130cm, Width : 48cm, Depth : 48cm, Weight : 7kg, Max load : 25kg159.00

Table Top Mabef Sculpting Stand M/37

Height : 14cm, Width : 34cm, Depth : 34cm, Weight : 2kg, Max load : 20kg75.00

Oak Sculpture Stand

Very solid wooden French made sculpture stand. Working surface can be raised to various heights
Working surface : 40x40cm, Height min : 102cm, Height max : 120cm, Weight : 11kg420.00

Large Modelling Stand

Very solid oak sculpture/model stand. Working surface can be turned
Working surface: 70x70cm, Height: 58cm 

Metal Turntables

Loxley Small Metal Turntable 44.95

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