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Wire & Mesh

Wire and Mesh


Specialist Crafts Mod Mesh

A versatile aluminium wire mesh. It can be used as an armature for coverage with mod roc, clay, paper mache, fabric etc. or used in its own right for wire sculptures. The expandable mesh can be stretched, crushed and twisted to form many different shapes, or pressed firmly over an existing structure o produce its image. Price on application.
50cm x 3m 

Soft Aluminium Modeling Wire

Aluminium wire that is soft and malleable enough for modelling using just hands, whilst being rigid enough to maintain its shape. Perfect for use with large armatures aswell as stand alone modelling.
1mm diameter- 30m coil10.70
2mm diameter- 20m coil10.30
3.2mm diameter-10m coil10.50
4.5mm diameter- 5m coil11.00

Armature Wire

Malleable modelling wire price on request3.5mm diameter-10m coil 

Kars Reels of Laquered Metal Wire

Lacquered metal wire for making jewellery decorative designs.
Single Reel | Available in either aluminium, black or copper/gold colour. 18 gauge1.20mm diameter, length 5.5m3.70
12 Coloured Reels | Packet of fine wire in 12 assorted colours, 28 gauge.0.35mm diameter, length of each reel 4.57m9.15


Wireform is a specially manufactured metal mesh that is pliable enough to add structure to clays and modelling materials. Please check for availability as we do not always have the whole range in stock. All available to order. 
Contour mesh Aluminium 1/16 | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets29.00
Sparkle Mesh Aluminium 1/8 | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets26.00
Diamond Mesh Aluminium 1/4 | 3 of 16" x 20" sheets23.00
Gallery Mesh Aluminium 1/2 | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets23.50
Studio Mesh Aluminium 3/8 | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets28.00
Crafters Stainless Steel 16 Mesh | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets30.00
Impression Mesh Copper Sparkle 1/8 | 3 of 16" x 20" flat sheets42.50
Sculptors - Aluminium 4 Mesh | 2 of 16" x 20" flat sheets31.25
Modellers - Aluminium 8 Mesh | 2 of 16" x 20" flat sheets22.00
Decorative - Brass 8 Mesh | 2 of 16" x 20" flat sheets34.55
Contour Mesh Aluminium 1/16" Roll | 1 x roll of 20" x 10"43.40

Carta Coloured Craft Wire

Assorted Colours | Pack of 10 assorted colours, each 0.5mm x 1m3.50

Art Emboss Metallic Rolls

100% pure metals. The special manufacturing process makes Art Emboss extremely soft and pliable. A fine point stylus is all that is needed to trace a pattern onto the metal. 
Pewter Medium Foil Roll | 237mm x 305mm23.00
Brass Light Foil Roll | 237mm x 305mm13.80
Copper Medium Foil Roll | 237mm x 305mm18.00
Copper Foil Light Roll | 237mm x 305mm12.00
Aluminium Medium Foil Roll | 237mm x 305mm12.00
Alumimium Light Foil Roll | 237mm x 305mm12.00

Embossing Tools

Double Ended Embossing Tool | Metal Stylus embossing tool-ball at either end in two sizes. Wooden centre 6.00

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