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Casting Materials

Moulding & Casting

Gedeo Silicone Moulding paste, Alginate, Resin Plaster and Crystal Resin, Rubber latex solution, Dental wax, Moulding repair powder. 

Godiva Modelling Tablet

Modelling composition. For low relief impressions.250g2.15

Anutex Dental Wax Sheet

Toughened dental modelling wax.
Approx 2 x 85 x 90mm0.50

Gedeo Silicone Moulding Paste - Siligum

2- part. Ideal for moulding small objects. Moulds objects in 10 minutes. Can be used to produce over 50 casts in plaster, resin, wax. Exceptional imprint accuracy.

Gedeo Moulding Alginate

Very accurate casting sets in 10 minutes. Derived from seaweed and cellulose fibre. Can be used to mould large and/or delicate objects. Especially designed for soft objects. Does up to 3 plaster castings from the same mould.

Gedeo Latex

A soft and strong concentrated latex formula for low cost moulding masks, low reliefs, models and ornaments.250ml8.00

Gedeo Plaster Strips

To produce masks and imprints as well as supporting shells for moulding alginate or latex. The strips can also be used to cover wire mesh, expanded polystyrene or cardboard.
4 strips of 8 x 300cm5.25

Gedeo Resin Plaster

Top quality plaster. Due to its exceptional hardness after drying it is similar to polyester resins. It is especially recommended to mould objects requiring fineness, strength and whiteness.1kg10.40

Gedeo Precision or Hard Plaster

For moulding reliefs and ornaments. Can be sanded, glued, coloured, painted and varnished.

Gedeo Crystal Resin

Imitates glass paste. solid and transparent when dry. Used for moulding decorative objects, transparent blocks and shapes - encapsulating items up to 5cm thick. Drying time 24 hours. Colourant: Gedeo crystal colorant (special order only) or Vitrail Glass Paint (see Paint for China and Glass)
300ml kit26.00

Glazing Resin

With its enamelled effect. Gedeo Glazing Resin adds relief and shine to flat surfaces. Transparent. Ideal for decoupage, badges, canvasses etc.
150ml kit18.50

Gedeo Demoulding Vaseline

Makes demoulding easier and protects the mould, especially when demoulding crystal resin.75ml4.95

Gedeo Demoulding Talc

Makes demoulding of plaster, metal casts and clay stamps easier.15g2.85

Mod Roc

Impregnated gauze/bandageRoll approx 1kg12.00

Plaster of Paris

Casting plaster2.5kg4.10

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