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Rabbit Skin Glue

Rabbit skin glue makes a very strong glue solution that can be used as a size before applying oil primer to canvas or board. It is also used in many recipes including gesso grounds. CANVAS SIZING: Soak one part by volume rabbit skin glue granules with 13 parts water in a heat-proof container until the granules are swollen. Put glue pot inside pan of cold water & simmer gently until glue has dissolved. Do not allow to boil. The solution will keep for approximately one week if kept refrigerated. Allow the glue to cool to room temperature. Apply the size, while still slightly warm, to your canvas with either a sponge or brush. Note that linen should be loosely tacked prior to sizing as the glue will slightly shrink the linen as it dries. Ready prepared rabbit skin size is also available, made by Roberson. 

Rabbit Skin Glue Granules

1 kilo20.40

Roberson Prepared Rabbit Skin Glue

1 litre22.10

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