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Tapes & Adhesives


Tapes and Other Dry Adhesives


3M Double Sided Artist Tape

12mm x 33m8.95
19mm x 33m13.90
25mm x 33m17.15
50mm x 33m24.95

Other Tapes

We have a number of tapes for different purposes. Please see 'Graphic/Technical Equipment' section of the website for 'Magic' and 'Drafting' tapes. We also stock archival tapes which are particularly suitable for framing - please see 'Restoration/Archival' section of the website. 

Glue Dots

A double-sided, pressure sensitive adhesive on a roll. Available in 3 sorts for different purposes.150 dots/roll. Dot 10-12mm 
Craft 3.00
Memory Book | Archive quality3.00
Reposistionable 3.00

Scotch Fixing Pads

For permanent, tough adhesion. 
12 x 25mm pack of 2006.00
25 x 25mm Pack of 1006.00

Pritt Sticky Pads

Double-sided adhesive padsPack of 501.30


Variety available for all needs; heavy duty, tape , squares, stick on, sew on. Please contact us for availability. 

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