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Scotch Tapes


Scotch Magic Tape

The matt surface of this tape is perfect for photographic reproduction and can be written on with drawing instruments. It will not shrink or discolour.
19mm x 33m4.95

2363 Masking Tape

The all purpose studio tape. Variety of widths.
19mm x 50m1.90
25mm x 50m2.60
38mm x 50m3.85
50mm x 50m6.00

Scotch Double Sided Artists Tape

Used throughout the studio, this versatile tape has many mounting, holding and joining applications.
12mm x 33m8.95
19mm x 33m13.90
25mm x 33m17.15
50mm x 33m24.95

Scotch Easy Use Clear Tape

19mm x 33m1.85
25mm x 60m2.45

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