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Abraxas Inks


Abraxas Inks

Made in Switzerland. Environmentally friendly inks, made to the highest standard from natural ingredients. Handcrafted using traditional methods, each bottle is filled individually, corked and labelled with a hand coloured label. Information on the different ingredients used available on request. 
abinksm.jpgSmall Bottles | (19)Campeche Brown, (20)Walnut Brown, (23)Olive Brown, (24)Nettle Green, (18)Indigo Green, (22)Blue Black, (25)Rose Pink, (11)Carmine, (15)Carmine Purple, (16)Campeche Violet, (2)Black I, (3)Black II, (10)Saffron Yellow12ml14.00
abinklg.jpg'Large Bottles | (2)Black I30ml21.75
Abraxas Metallic Ink | (79)Silver, (71)Imperial Gold, (80)Copper30ml21.75
abroakgall.jpgAbraxas Oak Gall Ink | Pure extraction of oak gall apples, gum arabic & iron salts.
Oak gall inks are quite light fast and have a near unlimited lifespan

Abraxas Ink - Suitable for Fountain Pen

Made in Switzerland. Inks made to the highest standard from natural ingredients. Each bottle is handcrafted using traditional methods, corked , labelled with a handcoloured label and sealed.
Small Bottle | (33)Turkish Blue, (36)Abraxas Aubergine, (10)Saffron Yellow12ml14.00

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