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Mount Cutters


Maped Matcutters

A range of mount cutters that are easy to use for both right and left handed people. Cutters slide along rule. 

Universal Matcutter Kit

80cm rule, 45 degree and 90 degree cutter and blades.

45 degree Mattcutter

includes 3 spare blades45.00

90 degree Mattcutter

Includes 3 spare blades45.00

Spare Blades

Available in 45 and 90 degreePack of 1011.80

Logan Mountcutters


Logan Freestyle 1100

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE A low priced hand held cutter ideal for beginners. A fixed blade enables a 'push-pull' action for free-style cutting or pre-made designs and templates. Can be used right or left handed. Uses Logan blades 324

Cutter 20.95
Blades 324 oval/freestyle Pack of 2012.95

Logan Team Systems

The practical combination of a straight edge ruler and a cutter provides an accurate, yet inexpensive way of mount cutting. With a non-slip base and a scaled aluminium straight edge of either 24 inch or 40 inch length, it comes complete with pre-adapted hand held bevel mount cutter. 
Team System 24in. |

Special Offer Price

Team System 40in. |

Special Offer Price


Logan Foamwerks

Foamwerks Straight Cutter 40.75

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