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Logan Mountcutters


Logan Freestyle 1100

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE A low priced hand held cutter ideal for beginners. A fixed blade enables a 'push-pull' action for free-style cutting or pre-made designs and templates. Can be used right or left handed. Uses Logan blades 324

Cutter 20.95
Blades 324 oval/freestyle Pack of 2012.95

Logan Team Systems

The practical combination of a straight edge ruler and a cutter provides an accurate, yet inexpensive way of mount cutting. With a non-slip base and a scaled aluminium straight edge of either 24 inch or 40 inch length, it comes complete with pre-adapted hand held bevel mount cutter. 
Team System 24in. |

Special Offer Price

Team System 40in. |

Special Offer Price


Logan Foamwerks

Foamwerks Straight Cutter 40.75

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