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Empty Wooden and Plastic Boxes/Carrying Cases


French Walnut boxes

Walnut boxes of superior quality, highly polished finish with combed joints, heavy-duty brass fixing straps. Available in three designs 

Pochard box

Box has wooden divides with integral wooden palette & area for carrying canvas boards in lid. weight 1.5kg
25x21cm (8.25x10195.00

Oil box

Combed joints with leather carrying handle. The lid has integral divides for carrying canvas boards while the storage area is lined with metal, with divides. Each box has wooden palette. All boxes 9cm deep.
103043 | weight 2kgInterior size 29 x 22.5cm140.00
104043 | weight 2.5kgInterior size 35 x 24.5cm155.00
105043 | weight 3kgInterior size 37 x 27.5cm185.00
106043 | weight 4kgInterior size 48 x 38.5cm195.00

Watercolour box

2 lightweight plastic palettes are contained within one half of the box, with a total of 8 mixing areas. The other half of the box has wooden divides to hold half/whole pans, tubes & brushes. (holds up to 39 half pans)
Currently unavailable
22x12cm (8.5x4.7590.00

Small Drawers


Small Three Drawer Chest

Wooden set of mini drawers part made from seasoned Elm wood. 2.45kg
40 x 29.5 x 8.2cm34.95

Artists Plastic Carrying boxes

We stock a selection of plastic carrying boxes and Art Bins. The boxes listed below are examples as stock is subject to change/availability. 

Daler Rowney Empty Caddy Box

Empty storage box in transparent tinted plastic15.25


ArtBin Two tray | Tough Black Plastic, two hinged trays plus base compartment. L:31bm, W:18cm, H:14cm16.95
ArtBin Sidekick | Transparent White Plastic.Includes top lid storage and lift out tray. L:38cm, W:25cm, H:13cm21.50

Plastic Art Boxes

A robust art box made from plastic (slate blue in colour with red fixings) with lift out tray. 
Large AB -005 | With removable double waterpot and soft grip handle36.5 x 17 x 16cm20.00

Wooden Storage Boxes


Wooden Storage Chests

Available in two sizes, with handle on top. 
Small 26.95
Large | lift out tray 410 x 205 x 152mm31.95

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